Fatall Law Firm finds all causes of serious injuries or fatalities

In a truck or car wreck there is usually the obvious defendant, the driver who may have caused the accident.  At Fatall Law Firm, we investigate byond the driver to explore any possible cases that may have also contributed to the or caused injuries.   For example, the seat belts, tires, brakes, design of the car, air bags and other components could have not performed properly.  And oftentimes, serious injuries and loss of life can tragically occur.

Getting an attorney involved as quickly as possible when a serious injury or fatality has happened is extremely important.

Yaz birth control lawsuits

Yaz birth control medication lawsuits allege that Bayer knew or should have known that Yaz caused risks and failed to adequately warn doctors about the risks.

Fatall Law Firm investigated the potential for women who have taken this birth control medicaiton and suffer from deep vein thrombosis (blood clot), pulmonary embolism, and/or strokes.